Edouard Laffitte
Domaine Le Bout du Monde
Lansac, Pyrénées-Orientales

The Bout du Monde estate covers more than 7 hectares in the Pyrénées-Orientales, across three villages in the Roussillon region: 3 hectares in Lansac on granitic arenas, 2 hectares in Rasiguères on schist and 2 hectares in Cassagnes on gneiss.

It is after several years spent working at the cooperative cellar of Estézargues, in the Gard, that Edouard Lafitte feels the desire to work the land and to become a winegrower. Not being from a farming background, he had to create everything and chance did it well. His friend Loïc Roure, from the Domaine du Possible, had just bought the old cooperative cellar of Lansac and proposed him to settle there. All that remained was to find the grapes and his choice fell on the “Jajakistan”, as the two companions like to call it; a vineyard with a northern exposure to favor freshness, fruit, and limit alcohol. Being truly at the end of the world, the name of the domain was a natural choice.

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