Valentin Montanet
Domaine Montanet – La sœur Cadette
Vézelay, Bourgogne

It is in Burgundy that is located the domain of La sœur Cadette, created by Jean and Catherine Montanet in 1987. Today, their son Valentin is in charge.

After clearing and replanting 12.5 hectares of vines on the hillsides, the domain of La Soeur Cadette has expanded to 20 hectares and is spread over 18 parcels in the 4 communes in the appellation AOP Burgundy, AOP Burgundy Vezelay, AOP Julienas and Vin de France from the grape varieties chardonnay, gamay, melon de burgundy, and pinot noir.

The philosophy of the house is very clear: compose wines with a climatology, a soil, a topography, grape varieties and a microbial life. Jean Montanet will say: “Elaborate with what we have, by bringing what we are”. The work in the vineyard is certified organic, with soil work based on ploughing and hoeing and harvesting done by hand. The vinification is the same as the work in the vineyard, in other words, it is carried out without unnecessary additions or manipulations: the wines are straight, regular and remarkably frank in their expression.

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